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About Me
Alexandra Webster

This page has a bit more about just me!

I was born in Jersey in 1998 and lived there (next door to the Reynolds family) for over 2 years. We then moved to the Isle of Man, where Emily was born. We moved to Bangalore, India in 2002 and one year later, we moved to Hong Kong. We left Hong Kong in June 2005, and after a summer in France, we moved to Luxembourg in August 2005.
I now go to the International School Luxembourg, which is great.


School photo - October 2005


Skiing in Canada, March 2004


Whilst I really enjoy going to school, I like going on holiday even more!
Apart from Canada, I have been to Jersey, France and the UK in 2004. Last year, I went to Malaysia


With my good friend, Victoria, at Cherating Beach, Malaysia in July 2003


Here's a list of some of my favorite pastimes:


Riding my bike and scooter



With the Cloudlands girls - summer 2004