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Family Photo Album
Alexandra Webster

On this page are photos and descriptions of members of my family. If you want to mail them, please use the links below.



This is my mum, Liz, also known by some as Lizzie-Ann. When she's not running around being a taxi-driver with us, she likes to walk, go to Pacific Coffee or go shopping at Stanley Market!
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Dragon and Grandad

Dragon and Grandad are Mum's parents. They live in Sheffield and like to go to Jersey (where Max and I were born) on holiday. They also like the odd drop of red wine!
Whenever we go to visit, Grandad spends days putting things in the loft out of our way!


Granny Doris

This is Dragon's mum. This photo was taken in July 2004 at Doris' bungalow in Pickering



This is my Dad, Mark. He works for HSBC and does lots of travelling. When he's home, he likes to play football or rugby in the park or go for a walk or swim with us. He hates shopping at Stanley!
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My brother, Max

Max was born in May 2000 in Jersey. He loves sports especially football, rugby and swimming. He really enjoys his school and is learning to speak French.
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My sister, Emily

Emily was born in November 2001 in the Isle of Man. She is a real monster!
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Grandad Mongo

Grandad Mongo is Dad's dad. He lives in Spain with Grandma. He's a soppy old date!
This picture is of me teaching Grandad Mongo how to use chopsticks during his visit to Hong Kong in November 2003



Grandma is Dad's mum and she puts up with Grandad Mongo in Spain (or at least that's what she says!). Like Mum, she likes to go shopping and enjoyed Stanley Market and having a foot massage (see picture) during her visit to Hong Kong in early 2004.

My cousins


Me, with Em and Max, and our cousins, Kieran and Millie in July 2004. This was taken at Dragon's house in Sheffield


Cousins Harvey and Niles, who are twins and live in Sheffield. Don't ask me which one is which!!

There's also cousin Conor who also lives in Sheffield, but I haven't got a recent photo of him. When I get one, I'll put it here with the rest of my cousins.